Driving at night on unlit roads can be a problem. A car’s headlights are not enough when the paint of the lines on the road is very worn, so that traveling on these roads is often uncomfortable. But what would happen if the horizontal marking of these roads were luminescent? What if those lines glowed brightly when hit by car headlights?That is basically what we see with Safety Path, a project to improve night visibility on highways and dual carriageways that has begun to be implemented in Australia. A special paint absorbs and stores daylight and electric light. When it gets dark, the paint emits the stored light, making the lines on the road more visible than those painted with standard paint.

According to an article published in the online newspaper El Español, the Australian government has invested €163 million in improving the safety of its roads, and the installation of Safety Path is part of that plan.

carretera de noche con líneas visibles

The project is the result of the collaboration of three companies: Tarmac Linemarking, OmniGrip and Vic Roads. As explained on the OmniGrip website, there are various degrees of luminescence available and this paint can be applied both outdoors and indoors, and on asphalt, concrete and other construction materials. In addition, they say, Safety Path is a more affordable and easy-to-install alternative to electric lighting.

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