There’s no turning back. In the future there will a common setting for automobiles and other means of transport. For this reason, drivers of cars and bicycles will be forced to understand each other. There is space for all transport options and the only thing that must be done is to get used to the progressive change in the paradigm, and to achieve a balance between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles.

Here is some advice for facilitating that coexistence.

If you’re the driver of a car, respect the rules scrupulously. In the case of an accident, you’re protected by the car’s body, but that’s not the case with the people in those other kinds of vehicles. Be friendly: cyclists and pedestrians are not your enemies.

Take into account that cyclists can ride in groups. Just be patient because there will always be a chance to overtake them safely. Keep a good distance from them, and when overtaking drive at the least aggressive speed possible.

Ah, and be careful when opening car doors in the city. If you’re not cautious you may surprise a cyclist who is close to your vehicle.

Some advice for cyclists: get off the bike when you’re on the sidewalk, please. Beyond that, try to pedal in your own lane, respect traffic signs and stop lights and, above all, make sure you are visible at any hour. There can never be too much reflective material.

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