People who have gone to driving school have had to learn some traffic signs to at least pass the written test. No parking, one-way street, stop… They’re all common signs we see when driving. But then you start driving out in the wider world and you find other signs you’re not unfamiliar with but have no idea what they might mean.

Come along with us on a drive to see some of the craziest (really craziest) traffic signs that we’ve found on street, roads and highways all over the world

Danger: people crossing the road on all fours

We’d heard that phrase ‘Don’t Drive When Drunk,’ but having to watch out for drunks crawling across the road is something new. Although to judge from the sign, it must be fairly common Thailand, where this photo was taken.

What’s the name of your street?

It must be complicated to name streets and then make sure their names and numbers are not repeated in the municipal guide. So it’s not surprising that in this Canadian town they took the easy way out.

Thanks for the warning…

What can you expect from an unpaved road that goes through a forest? Maybe some people still don’t realize that they are going to find some potholes.

Look where you’re going…

Bicycle are respectful of the environment, allow for some exercise, and let you enjoy the landscape as you pedal along peacefully… But if you don’t pay attention, you can crash. Thankfully, the Australians are nice people and they warn us.

Guess what you can find in the desert…

Camels, what else? Or dromedaries if we want to be literal.

Protect the dung beetle

Elephants, lions, zebras and other fauna are not the only things that should be protected in Africa. Dung beetles have their rights too, so please respect them.


Migration time

We continue with local fauna, in this case in the Czech Republic. Beware, driver, because you can come across a migration of squirrels that can put you in a bind: they’re really crazy.

Beware of insects …

Are you scared of spiders? And ticks? Insect life in general? If I were you, I wouldn’t cross this forest, stranger…


Be careful with what your GPS tells you

Or you could end up in the drink, car included.


This is… Just what does it want to tell us?

Well it’s obviously a gymkhana, isn’t it? Or maybe not… Look, I just don’t know

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