Hyderabad is famous for its pearls and its HITEC City technological centre, which has made it one of the cities dubbed the Silicon Valley of India. After visiting the Nehru Zoological Park, you can fortify yourself by eating a biryani, a dish consisting of basmati rice with herbs, meat or vegetables, and yogurt.



If they tell you that you’re in the Garden City of India, it means you’ve reached Bangalore. It’s called that because of the vegetation that adorns this city and for the great number of public parks, such as Lal Bagh and Cubbonson.

This city also has some of the most prestigious schools and research centres in the country. Its position of national leadership in information technology jobs is why (along with two other Indian cities) it too is known as the Silicon Valley of India.

Bangalore is also the centre of the Canarese or Karnataka film industry, producing some 80 films each year.



The hub of the Kollywood film industry –Tamil and children’s films– is Chennai, previously called Madras. This city is also known as the Detroit of India because it produces 40% of the country’s cars, including the electric ones.

Its buildings, outstanding among which are Fort St. George, the Anna Memorial, the lighthouse and the St.Thomas Basilica– are in the Gothic and Dravidian styles. But if there’s one thing that attracts attention it is the Crocodile Bank.

The beaches are another strong point in Chennai. The most popular is Marina, whose 12 kilometres make it the second largest in the world.



Trichy is also known as Tiruchirappalli or Tiruchi, and it was here that the India Railway Company was founded in 1853. In 1859 this firm built the first rail link between Trichy and Nagapattinam.

Here, on the River Kaveri, is the island of Sri Ragam, which attracts pilgrims all year long to its Ranganathaswami Temple.


IMD: Average daily traffic.
Illustrations: David Sierra
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