An automobile provides plenty of things to do, no doubt about it. We won’t give details about what to do in a car, but there are a thousand of them. Of all kinds. And what is the most common, apart from talking? Maybe the ones you’re thinking about? Eating, consulting your cell phone? No way! One of the most common activities when driving, alone or with others, is singing!


In a loud voice or hardly whispering, as in the shower, a car is an invitation to imagine we’re performing in a song festival and, with permission from the real performers, to dream of being a rock and roll star. And did you know that the British showman James Corden has popularized a karaoke with celebrities aboard a car? Artists like Will Smith, Adele, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Jennifer López have been through this kind of musical studio on wheels. Also athletes like LeBron James and Lewis Hamilton. The Carpool Karaokeof the stars is a huge success, a fresh section that’s been described in Wikipedia. A real triumph on The Late James Carden Show (CBS). There are reflections and laughter, songs are sung with enthusiasm, and the car becomes an engine of creativity and good humour. An amusing example of what we can do in a car if we use our imagination. A chance to share feelings and secrets. Intimacy, the trip, comfort, the landscape, maybe a way to relax in a traffic jam… Everything can be sung. And there are thousands of examples like this, about activities when in a car.


In a similar format is the Jerry Seinfeld saga Comedians in cars getting coffee (Netflix). The comedian talks about life and work with other comedians.  And he does so while driving dream cars around the United States. And drinking coffee, giving us another example of what to do in a car.


And in Spain… is there anything similar? “I prefer to give the greatest importance to the people who know, and there’s plenty of talent in our country. That’s why I usually end my interviews with a clip of a musical group to surprise the guest.  I want him to leave with a pleasant memory and thank him for his time.” This is what Jorge Todolítold Abertis. The journalist has created the programme Autoentrevistas on YouTube and confesses that he likes to interview people in the car, another example of things to do in an automobile, “because generally it’s a space where things happen. If it’s a classic car, there’s even more chance that even more things will happen.” He gets into the mythic Seat 600 and regales us with several memorable trips. Don’t miss it. And never pass up –though always with the greatest caution– the chance to play a rock and roll star in a car.

Text:  Jorge García Palomo

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