Willie Nelson sang On the Road Again in 1979. Since then it has become a hymn to the open road all over the world, and an icon of country music. Because fashions pass, we no longer hear folk music accompanying requests to keep an eye on the road to improve the road safety

We’re in the digital age and each individual carries his own music on his own devices.The Brazilian toll road concessionaire Arteris has created an app for cell phones that improves the safety on the road and even could save your life.


It’s called the Speed-O-Track and it’s simple. It lets you hear music on the Spotify streaming platform but with a twist: when it detects that you’re driving over the speed limit, the music also speeds up, to ridiculously uncomfortable velocities, facilitating road safety and safer driving. When you drop back down under the limit, the music plays at its normal speed. Simple, right? And if you want to, you can listen to Willie Nelson’s unforgettable song, which, in fact,  is not incompatible with road safety.

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