Masks are becoming a habitual complement, albeit an undesirable one, of our clothing. The COVID-19 virus has gotten us used to this device that was almost marginal before the pandemic.

The SPIDI firm, which specializes on clothing for motorcyclists, has also used masks in its coming product launch. Although in this case it’s not a question of avoiding contamination from the coronavirus, but of protecting motorcycle riders when air contamination levels are too high.


The company has announced the coming launch of Mission Beta, a jacket to protect riders from contamination by means of an innovative system that includes, among other devices, an anti-contamination mask.


Based on its Beta Pro and Beta Evo Light models, the new jacket contains a sensor capable of detecting the level of contaminating particles in the air. In just a few second, the device can provide this information to the driver through a small OLED screen installed in one of the sleeves.


When the contamination level is high, the jacket warns the wearer while at the same time activating the electric mask, which contains an anti-contamination filter. This mask is compatible with any type of helmet.


The Mission Beta jacket, which is still in the development stage, seeks to stop the damage that pollution can cause for the health of motorcyclists: according to company data, they are exposed to 100 times more urban contamination than the drivers of cars, and 10 times more than cyclists or pedestrians.

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