Traffic fines are the price we pay for not having done the right thing when driving. While such sanctions are widely rejected, the constant fear of receiving them is one of the best ways to prevent making a blunder when we drive.

There are very few people who have never received this kind of punishment at least once in their life. While the list of offences is long, some kinds of fines are more common than others.

According to the Traffic Depart of the Spanish Civil Guard, the three most common infractions are excess speed, not using a seatbelt, and deficient maintenance of the vehicle.

Here are some figures from last 15 to 21 May, when almost half a million vehicles were checked during the seven days of monitoring conventional roads: 24,808 drivers were reported, of whom 14,765 were driving over the speed limit. In addition, 321 drivers overtook another vehicle in an illegal manner, and another 234 jumped a stop sign or did not yield the right of way.

During this campaign, 1,441 people were fined for not wearing a safety belt, and another 73 for not using the right kind of child car seat.

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