The good thing about traveling by car is that you can traverse spectacular scenery, the kind so beautiful that your friends on Instagram will be green with envy.

At other times, life surprises you as you drive through a city: a curious scene, an artful juggler at a traffic light… 

But it’s not always possible to pull over to the side of the road to safely take a picture of what you see. Often you’re going so fast that when you take out your cell phone to photograph what has attracted your attention (as the co-pilot, but never while driving), it’s already been left behind.

Citroën has installed in some of its models the ConnectedCAM Citroën®, an HD camera situated in the inside rearview mirror with which to make photos or 20-second videos of anything seen outside the car. The device offers a 120º wide-angle lens, full HD of 2 million pixels, a GPS and an internal memory of 16 gigas.

The camera works quite simply. If you want to take a photo, just make a click. But if you want to record a video, hold down the click button a little longer. And to share these images on social networks, just download an app for iOS and Android.

But since not everything in this world is Instagram, and not all drivers are Instagramers, the camera also offers a plus: safety.

In case of an accident, the video camera starts shooting automatically, making possible a recording of one minute and 30 seconds (the 30 seconds before the accident and the minute afterward) of everything that happens outside the vehicle. In this way, insurance companies will have graphic evidence in case of litigation or claims. And thanks to the GPS that is incorporated, the app can register the location of the vehicle.

A curious traffic sign, a spectacular sunset, an amusing scene at a stoplight… With complete safety, just because you’re a driver doesn’t mean you can’t be an Instagramer.

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