What’s the range of colors on the most famous drives?

One of the most pleasant things about travelling by road is discovering new landscapes. From the window of our cars we observe how the vegetation changes in color, the contrast between the black asphalt and the luminosity of wheat fields, the dawns and dusks, with the sun tinting the horizon red and gold…

How many times have we marvelled at the colors that nature provides us on our travels? And how often have we wanted to capture that rich range of colors and keep it in a glass bottle so we can go on enjoying them when we get home?  

Fortunately, photography helps us preserve part of that magic. And when we feel the urge to travel, we open up that other window that is the internet to imagine that we’re on one of those legendary routes that we once dreamed about travelling. Route 66, the Gobi Desert, incredible New Zealand…

Looking at photos of these places produces a tingle in the eyes. The colors of the landscape are pure magic. Rocks the shade of dry tobacco, caramel sands, melon     -colored sunsets… Using a program that captures and analyzes the colors, this would be the palet that nature has used along some of the most famous routes in the world.

South Island Circuit, New Zealand
Atlantic Road, Norway
Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Route 66, United States
Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia
Iceland Ring Road, Iceland
Badlands National Park, Highway 240, United States
North Coast 500, Scotland
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Transfagarsan Highway, Romania