Roads that generate clean energy

In addition to facilitating the flow of traffic, highways and motorways can do other things. Generate clean energy, for example. There are several projects that are developing systems capable of producing electrical energy from the movement of the vehicles. Here are some of them.

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It wasn’t me, it was my car

A human error is behind 9 out of 10 road accidents, and thus the arrival of the autonomous car could bring an important reduction in the number of accidents. But what’s certain is that it won’t eliminate them. In those cases, who is responsible? The driver? The manufacturer? The software developer?

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GPS for liars in the Everest

For some years now, the so-called Top of the World, Mount Everest, has had a universal appeal, not only for professional mountaineers but for fans and adventurers of all kinds.

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Subscribe to my car

If you’re willing to experiment with the ownership of the car you drive, you should know that there are car subscription services.

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