Visit 10 automobile museums without leaving home

Online visits to museums spiked during the confinement. The ones dedicated to automobiles were no exception. Through their websites or by means of Google Maps or Google Street View, many of them offer virtual experiences that are very close to being there in person.

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Google Maps and the cartographic revolution

Not so omng ag, the only way to get navigate an unfamiliar road or city was by using paper maps or guides. But now you’re nobody if you don’t have Google Maps or TomTom. The wide use of these apps has revolutionised the concept of travel and will probably continue to do so.

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No, I didn’t say anything, it was my Tesla

Imagine walking down a street and hearing a car say to you, “Well don’t just stand there staring, hop in!” That’s what the Tesla Model 3 says in a video uploaded by Elon Musk himself to his Twitter account. The question is: what’s the reason for this feature?

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