Traffic Zebras in the street

A movement begun 18 years ago by some young people in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, directs traffic and promotes harmonious living together. Its success has spread to other cities in the country and it has been designated a Cultural Heritage of Humanity

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Car-sharing: toward a new paradigm

Car-sharing platforms have shown that the reasons are economic and environmental: there is a change in mentality toward doing things together and thus promoting a more sustainable kind of urban mobility.

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Five roads not appropriate for heart patients

Yes, the most dangerous roads exist and there are people who use them. But they produce real terror because they are the worst on the planet. They are extremely dangerous roads, all over the world. Unlikely places where the course is like a tightrope and sometimes even defies gravity.

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Having a driving license is not a right but a privilege

If there’s anywhere we need more respect, it’s on the road. Pacts between citizens make it possible to build common spaces where, to provide harmony, no single will holds sway over any other. Such pacts are necessary in all aspects of life, but when it’s a question of driving, they become a matter of life […]

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