Sockets for every garage

Living in Spain and just bought a new house? Congratulations! You’ll be starting a new stage in your life, one that almost certainly means you’ll need to think about the medium and long term.

But you don’t need to be able to see into the future to realise that most vehicles will soon be electric. And it goes without saying that we will need to have the infrastructure required to support this change.

Bearing this in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that Spanish regulations state that from 2015 all garages in newly-built houses must have access to a power socket.

Royal Decree 1053/2014 states that car parks and shared parking areas of condominiums should have a mains line for shared areas (using pipes, conduits, trays, etc.) to allow for junctions to supply charging points in parking spaces, as described in the complementary technical instructions (BT-52, section 3.2).

There must also be one charging point for every 40 spaces in car parks and parking areas for private, cooperative and business fleets, as well as for offices (for staff and associates) and parking areas for municipal vehicles. There will also be charging points in permanent public car parks and parking areas.