Refuelling from the sky

Petrol stations are not going to disappear from the highways or roads. Or at least not for the moment. But there is going to be development in the way we receive fuel for the vehicles we use, specially in the mobility of the future.


One of the main sources of energy is 150 million kilometres away and consists of hydrogen, helium and other elements. 


The sun is there, unshakable, waiting for someone to snatch up its inexhaustible wealth –it’s improbable we’ll be around to see that eventual exhaustion– and use its benefits for the mobility of the future.


If the sun is there, we’ll have to take advantage of it, and that’s what they’re doing at PROVE Lab, an automobile research laboratory that has launched a prototype called Dawn.


Dawn wants to become the fastest solar-powered car in the world. It’s a true prototype of the solar car. The aim is to reach 100 km/h through the exclusive use of its solar cells, with no kind of battery at all or any other device to provide energy. It’s a good example of what we will find in the future in the highways.


It weighs 200 kilos and has an extremely futuristic look, with aerodynamics that resemble a high-speed motorboat.

You say it’s highly unlikely any of us will end up driving a car like this? Correct. That these technologies will be part of our future vehicles? Even more correct.


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