Refuelling from the earth

While this isn’t the first project of this kind aimed at promoting the electric car, it is the most recent. A previous effort, from Solar Roadways via its solar road in the United States, didn’t achieve the desired efficiency and also suffered from electrical malfunctions and breakage in too many solar panels.


Now a new attempt is being made in China on a two-kilometre stretch of road near the city of Jinan. The solar road consists of three layers. The top one is made of transparent concrete and is built to support the load of the cars and their friction.

The second consists of reinforced solar panels, but because the concrete is transparent, the light reaches the solar cells on the car without any trouble. Finally, the base isolates the whole from the moisture of the earth and preserves the electronic installation.

Its creators claim that, in addition, the panels will have modules for wireless charging, the idea being that in the future, an electric car can recharge without the need to be plugged in.


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