New Year’s resolutions to continue being a good driver

It is natural, with the change of year, to take stock of the previous year and look for new objectives to achieve in the new one. Some are already classic: learning a language, joining a gym… We may even have achieved them, but it doesn’t hurt to reconsider them, to keep on track.

On the road there are also good resolutions that we want to continue fulfilling when we drive, because it is obvious that we are good drivers. But there are also others that should be remembered because we overlook them. These are the 10 New Year’s resolutions to be even better drivers than we already are:

  1. Commit to less polluting vehicles

Our planet is at stake and, for now, we have no other planet available; so, if 2023 is the year in which we will change our old car for a new one, let’s go for vehicles that are less polluting.

  1. Drive in a way that is less harmful to the environment

If it is not in our plans to get a new car because the one we have is still operational, let’s work on efficient driving that reduces the environmental footprint of our vehicle: do not step on the accelerator when starting, use high gears and low revs and avoid accelerating.

  1. Commit to public transport and carsharing

Cities are becoming increasingly polluted. One way to help reduce COlevels in the atmosphere is to use your private vehicle less and travel by public transport. Carsharing is another sustainable mobility option in cities, so take advantage of it.

  1. Keep a safe distance

Rushing is never good, much less behind the wheel. Sticking to the vehicle in front will not make you go faster, so remember to always keep a safe distance. As a general rule, you must maintain a distance of 3 seconds between your car and the car in front of you. If you need to brake unexpectedly, you will have enough space to avoid a collision.

  1. Be more aware of the condition of your car

Vehicles need proper maintenance, so keeping on top of it is a good New Year’s resolution. A car that works perfectly will be safer, not to mention that it can help reduce its environmental impact. It is not necessary to wait for the car to fail to make a visit to the mechanic.

  1. Zero alcohol (and drugs) behind the wheel

We will never tire of repeating it: alcohol, drugs and driving cannot go together. If you have consumed any narcotics, or have been drinking or plan to drink, leave your car behind. You will save not only your life, but other people’s.

  1. Respect traffic signs and pedestrian crossings

It is better to waste a minute in life than life in a minute; respecting traffic signs (actually, the rules of the road in general) makes this possible. And pay attention to pedestrian crossings, because the streets are spaces for vehicles and passers-by to coexist. With this, in addition, you will contribute to the flow of traffic, and you will not block pedestrians.

  1. Have a good attitude behind the wheel

No matter how experienced you are as a driver, there are always aspects that can be improved. We all make mistakes; recognizing it is a virtue. At the wheel, it’s best to stay calm, be patient when traffic is heavy, and use plenty of common sense.

  1. Rest before driving

Before you get behind the wheel, rest as much as you need to. Remember that 33% of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue. And if the trip is long, it is advisable to make stops every two hours to stretch your legs, rest, and regain concentration.

  1. Avoid distractions

It is essential, when driving, to stay focused on the road. And something that often distracts us is trying to operate other devices when we are behind the wheel. So forget about your cellphone while driving and don’t handle any other distracting devices, like music players or GPS systems.