How far will I be able to go with my electric car?

The electric car is a technological breakthrough whose advantages will make the planet more pleasant and sustainable. However, the biggest obstacle to large-scale adoption is the battery range of the vehicles. At present, none of the electric cars available on the market has been able to solve the problem of long-distance journeys. None of the current models could travel from Madrid to Barcelona, for example.

The gap is closing, however, as shown by the first tour of Spain by an electric vehicle. The tour, which was promoted by Endesa, passed through 19 cities in 14 stages, covering a total distance of over 1,600 km.

The car with the largest rated range—the real value is always slightly lower—is the Tesla Model S P100 D, which can travel distances of up to 613 km. This is closely followed by the Tesla Model X P100D, with a range of 542 km and the Opel Ampera-e, which was launched in 2017 and promises up to 500 km. Finally, the Renault ZOE Z.E can travel up to 403 km in a single journey.